Heavy Duty Grease PL2

PL2 Heavy Duty

Heavy Duty Grease NLGI1

Mineral oil + Calcium Sulfonate, Gray
Operating temperature : -20°C ∼ 232°C (-4℉ ~ 450℉)

  • Heavy Duty Grease CEMENT
  • Heavy Duty GreaseMINNING
  • Heavy Duty Grease PULP & PAPER
  • Heavy Duty Grease STEEL MILLS
Product Description
  • Exceptional resistance to water, provides consistent lubrication even in harsh weather and inherent protection from rust and corrosion
  • Mechanically stable, virtually no consistency change during/after usage

PL2 grease is Heavy Duty grease that operates effectively in plain/journal and anti-friction bearings. It exhibits excellent adhesive and cohesive characteristics and are highly resistant to mechanical shearing.

  • Automatic grease lubricator
  • Shovels, drag lines, haul trucks, and conveyors
  • Drills, rock crushers, and mills
  • Excellent EP and anti-wear properties against extreme/shock loading : Minimize bearing components wear and extend equipment life
  • Excellent friction reduction characteristics : Easier start-up, reduced heat, and reduced energy, leading to longer bearing life
  • Enhanced rust and corrosion protection : Extend bearing life and performance
  • Excellent mechanical stability : Long-term protection
  • Easily pumpable in both single point lubricators and central lubrication systems
  • Operating temperature : -20°C ∼ 232°C (-4℉ ~ 450℉)
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