Pulsarlube AIR® - Desiccant Breather

SERIES AB-PD100, AB-PX100 : 140.7mm(5.54") (D) x 140mm(5.51") (H)
  • Air Breather


Pulsarlube AIR® is a highly efficient & competitive desiccant breather.
Whenever the pressure or fluid level inside a reservoir fluctuates, airborne contaminants such as dust/dirt, moisture, and oxygen from the ambient environment is drawn through the breather vent port.

These unwelcome contaminants expedite the oxidation of oil, increases humidity which leads to condensation and free water accumulation, causes oil emulsion, sludge and acid formation, and corrosion. This in turn results in frequent fluid and filter changes, increased operating costs and downtime, and shortened equipment life, which greatly increases maintenance costs.

For all applications using hydraulic fluid and/or oil contained within fluid reservoirs, the use of desiccant air breathers is commonplace and can prevent possible contamination of fluids by absorbing moisture and filtering out other airborne contaminants. The efficiency of the breather and competitive cost over the period in service is a key factor in selecting which breather to use.

Pulsarlube AIR® Desiccant Breathers are a highly efficient and proactive maintenance countermeasure. It is one of your must-haves not only to keep the entire fluid system sound and clean, but to also extend the storage and service life of fluids.

Extended Service Life

Extended Service Life

A greater volume of silica gel provides higher absorption rate over comparable products.

Long Lasting Shelf Life

Long Lasting Shelf Life

A non-permeable, triple layer film packaging guarantees a longer shelf life over comparable products.

Effective Removal of Contaminants

Effective Removal of Contaminants

The combination of an activated carbon filter, advanced electret filter, and baffle plate offers superior contamination control.

Eco-Friendly Orange Indicating Silica Gel

Eco-Friendly Orange Indicating Silica Gel

The Eco-Friendly Silica Gel will turn dark green for easy visual reference when moisture is absorbed.





Product Name Diameter Height Slica Gel Mounting Connection Max. Adsorption Capacity Max. Air Flow Max. Reservoir Fluid Flow Type of Desiccant
AB-PD100, AB-PX100 14.07cm 14cm 440g 1" slip fit 160ml 20cfm 150gpm 100% Silica Gel
AB-PD101, AB-PX101 14.07cm 17.2cm 660g 1" slip fit 279ml 20cfm 150gpm 100% Silica Gel
AB-PD102, AB-PX102 14.07cm 26.1cm 1320g 1" slip fit 538ml 20cfm 150gpm 100% Silica Gel

·A variety of adaptors are available to connect to nearly all existing reservoir ports.

Adaptor Selection Guide (adaptors sold separately)
Product Name Specification
AB(A)-PA01 1" × PT 3/8" Male
AB(A)-PA02 1" × NPT 3/8" Male
AB(A)-PA03 1" × PT 1/2" Male
AB(A)-PA04 1" × NPT 1/2" Male
AB(A)-PA05 1" × PT 1" Male
AB(A)-PA06 1" × NPT 1" Male

· Please contact us for other types and/or size adaptors.

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